Take Care Texas

Print Design, Marketing, Social Media
Take Care, Texas is a program led by UTHealth School of Public Health and The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler.

Project Goal

Work alongside teammembers from different universitites and programs to promote COVID-19 testing and vaccination to help stop the spread of the virus.       

Social Media Strategy & Management

  • Create and implement a social media strategy specific to reach our target audience
  • Manage all social media accounts for UTH Houston SPH Brownsville 
  • Develop Brownsville UTHealth Houston School of Public Health branding guide to be utilized on social media following the UTHealth Houston School of Public Health branding guidelines
  • Lead content creation, video editing, and design
  • Design social media templates following the UTHealth Houston School of Public Health Brownsville location branding guide that other team members can utilize
  • Work alongside other marketing leads to develop and implement social media strategies and ideas that could be used individually among our schools or as a collective with the main UTHealth Houston School of Public Health social media accounts
  • Present social media KPI to the marketing team 

Print Material

  • Responsible for constatly updating all Brownsville pages and adding new pages when needed
  • Lead constant communications with IT team and university UX/UI team to make sure the Browsville location site was running well and stay up to date with potential changes
  • Work alongside student affairs, faculty, students, and media and communications to promote new events, stories, and achievements happening within the Brownsville location
  • Ideate new ideas to better the universities UX/UI
  • Delivered all communications of potential changes from higher-ups with the university dean and marketing team

Videography and Photography

  • Develop environmental design ideas
  • Present and lead environmental design ideas and meetings
  • Work alongside marketing and design team members to create several environmental designs based on the marketing budget
  • Worked alongside the UTHealth Houston School of Public Health marketing department to make sure we were following UTHealth School of Public Health design guidelines
  • Lead all communications with the admin team and vendor

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