San Cristobal de las Casas 

Branding, Typography, Identity

San Cristobal De Las Casas is a city in the state of Chiapas, located in the southern part of Mexico.


San Cristobal is known for its Colonial architecture, indigenous textiles, and colorful buildings. There are a lot of indigenous people living in the surrounding areas that come into the city to share their crafts; which play a big part in shaping the culture the city has held all these years. It was extremely important to take into account the indigenous patterns, people, and lifestyles the city still has when creating the rebranding of the city.


When the rebranding of the city began a timeline was created to understand the history of the city and of the indigenous people living in the nearby cities. In order to stay true to the city’s culture there had to be a clear understanding of “who is San Cristobal” and “what made it who it was”. After understanding the city’s history, research of the city's atmosphere and peoples lifestyle was conducted to help create all the visual elements.

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