Branding, Art Direction, Social Media, UX/UI
Graphis New Talent Anual 2021, Silver Award, Logo

Raindrops is a raingear company for toddlers and children. It aims to switch the negative perspective rainy days have by helping children turn gloomy days into Outdoor Adventures.
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One of the most important challenges of Raindrops was to help eliminate the negative stigma rain weather has. It is typically seen as gloomy and even messy. The design needed to be portray as playful as possible to help achieve the mission statement. Other challenges included making sure the playful aspect wasn’t overdone that would make the design feel too childish.


To achieve Raindrops mission statement and goals research was conducted by exploring existing raingear companies. This facilitated the process of understanding what the market is currently offering and what they are lacking in. Lastly, the research findings and mission statement were combined to execute the design.

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